Safe Browsing Anywhere.

Internet Privacy and avoid prying eyes

Introducing the Adult Internet Stick to give you 100% protection when browsing.

How does the AI stick work? The AI Stick has a computer operating system (Like Windows) on a tiny USB Stick. It has its own storage capability for all your files, photographs, email etc and is completely portable and 100% private and secure.

What does it do?  In less than a minute it connects you privately to the Internet with total anonymity. The AI Stick  protects you from ‘big brother’ and any number of people wishing to see your private details and your everyday internet use.

How and why does it do this?  As people increasingly connect to the Internet, much more data and information is available to unscrupulous people that want your information. Ever wondered which government agencies are looking into your Internet usage just because they can? And of course you must have heard of identity and credit card theft..or you may just want to know that what you are looking at online or saving is your private business..and yours only. But the list is endless. Incidentally – did you know that you currently have no right to say as a consumer who can and who cant look at your Internet usage!!!

Why would I need it? You can confidently look at whatever you want, with the reassurance that nobody else will know what you are looking at.  The technology behind the AI Stick was devised to assist people such as journalists to enable them to spread the freedom of speech without the risk  of persecution. Another example is its use at the Olympics by various new agencies around the world, protecting their journalists from oppressive non-democratic governments, but it is just as effective for your use at home or work.

What can I do to stop this and protect myself?

Option 1: Never use the Internet

Option 2: Build your own system which could take weeks and still be unsuccessful

Option 3: Buy the AI Stick – which is obviously the best option!

What does it look like? EXACTLY the same as a normal USB stick. (designs and/or colors may occasionally vary slightly) The exterior is blank –  It doesn’t have our logo, say “TOP SECRET” or ” I DON’T WANT MY WIFE TO CATCH ME!” written on it.

pen_drive_icon  The AI Stick is sent under a plain wrapper with a simple user guide.  The entire software installs in under one minute and it is 100% legal to own and use. Total peace of mind for you, your work or your family for a one time only payment and it is incredibly affordable. Remember this is not a VPN service – no matter what they tell you – they DO keep logs!